Saved Me Money

The tax experts at Tax Avail, Inc helped lower the amount of taxes I owed by filing an Offer In Compromise for me.  It was a quick and easy process. We were able to complete the form virtually and reduce my income tax burden by over $5,000.

Painless and Stress Free

I wanted to change my business entity from Sole Proprietorship to S-Corporation but wasn't sure how to do it. TaxAvail tax experts made the process stress free by answering all of my questions and helping me to file all the necessary forms from start to finish.

Quick and Detailed Work

I needed tax help to catch up on 3 years of accounting and income tax returns. The tax experts at TaxAvail had me all caught up within 1 month! They offered a very detailed and timely service. I feel so relieved to finally be current and no longer getting scary letters from the IRS and FTB.

Offer in Compromise

What is an offer in compromise, and how can an OIC help reduce the amount of taxes that you owe?

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Business Entities

What are the different types of business entities, and which business entity is best for you?

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Past Due Taxes

What is the best way to catch up on prior year business bookkeeping and past due income tax returns?

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